Contemporary abstract art exploring inner states of mind. Abstract paintings inspired by themes from the Nordic mythology

Yggdrasil, oil on canvas

Contemporary abstract art - Nordic mythology

These abstract paintings were all, to some extent, inspired by the old Nordic mythology. Like all great mythologies (and all great art!) the colourful sagas of my Nordic ancestors were an expression of man's constant struggle to make sense of the world and ourselves. In their imaginative interpretation of the beginning and the end of the world and the birth, life and death of the gods these ancient stories contain a wealth of wisdom. As a contemporary artist I'm interested in their timeless aspects. Amidst all the contemporary belief in our own superior thinking and the ever-escalating pace of scientific progress, these myths are a poignant reminder that deep down man himself remains the same: a creature with a possibility to do good, and a tragic tendency to cause death and destruction"


The abstract mindscapes of the Beginning and End Series were also inspired by themes from Nordic mythology.

Abstract art - abstraction: "Imagery which departs from representational accuracy to a variable range of possible degrees."


Muspelheim, oil on canvas
Niflheim, oil on canvas
Ginnungagap 1, oil and encaustic on canvas
Ginnungagap 2, oil and encaustic on board
Ginnungagap 3, oil on canvas

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