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Eva Ryn Johannissen is a contemporary Swedish abstract artist based in Buckinghamshire, UK and Uppsala, Sweden. Please refer to the gallery pages to view further examples of her paintings.

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Gallery 3 - Non-objective art by Ryn
Gallery 2 - Abstract oil painting by Ryn  
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Art Groups:

Bucks21 Contemporary Art -This group of 21 Buckinghamshire artists represent a wide variety of contemporary art styles and media (paintings, 3D work, prints, installations). Bucks21 was founded in 2001. Exhibitions have been held at the Civic Centre, Aylesbury, Obsidian Art, Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury and Corut Garden House, Marolow.

Buckinghamshire Art Society - Visual arts association grouping together some 100 Buckinghamshire based artists, who were all elected to the Society on the strength of their work. All artwork shown at BAS exhibitions are subject to selection by a panel of art professionals. At least two exhibitions yearly, one of which is open also to non-member artists.

ABSTRA - An international group of contemporary painters. Members from e.g. Canada, Denmark, Israel and Sweden. Previous exhibitions at Gallery Akros, Bilbao, Spain, Gallery Astel, Copenhagen, Denmark and Gallery Hagman, Stockholm, Sweden. Abstract paintings.

PINTURA FRESCA - abstract paintings - abstract painters - International group of abstract artists founded in 2003 to celebrate 100 years of abstraction.

Art Galleries:

Karen Taylor Contemporary Art Gallery - This gallery, which is situated in St Margarets, Twickenham holds a new themed exhibition each month showcasing the works of established and emerging artists who each interpret the theme in their own expressive and uniquely individual style.

Abstract artists:

Geoform - Geoform is an online curatorial project and resource dedicated to showing abstract geometric art made by contemporary artists from around the world.

Cheryl McClure - Contemporary Abstract Paintings and Collage by Texas artist.

Abstract paintings by Rebecca Riley - New York based American artist. Her website offers colourful oil paintings, collages, and works on paper in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism. The site also has interesting, analyzing articles on themes related to the movement, in particular in relation to today's mainstream conceptualist art.

Echi Åberg - Swedish artist whose colourful paintings reflect "moments of meetings with the abstract and the concrete". Member of ABSTRA.

Hanna Al-Haek - Syrian artist based in Sweden. Abstract Inner landscapes animated by strong light. Member of ABSTRA.

Abstract Acrylic Paintings by Taetzsch - Abstract artist based in New York. "It is the painting surface that I love - the lusciousness of color in its thick and thin varieties - flat and opaque to keep the eye on the surface, or transparent and airy to suggest deep space."

Bogumil Bulzacki - abstract artist.

Elizabeth Hack - "My work consists of inner landscapes. Adding paint and ink to the canvas or paper, I feel the fire or the sea -- or perhaps the green meadow. Excavating through the composition, my paintings express energy and spirit. Process reigns with each stroke as my brush is engulfed by a territory within."

Athina Pazolli - This Online Exhibition features an extensive collection of paintings on canvas and drawings on paper in which colour is central. Also on show are drawings of the body.

Anne Stahl - Paintings, photos and etchings by contemporary artist inspired by the natural world, its beauty and its cruelty. its hostility and its hospitality, its paradoxes and its contrasts.

Yvette Peters - Abstract oil paintings by Dutch artist Yvette Peters.

Kho Sante' - Interactive abstract art by the Italian painter Kho Sante'.

Shawn Mcnulty - Abstract art exploring the relationship between man-made structures and the natural world.

Laura Joy Lustig - painting and photography

Bob Heatly - Contemporary townscapes and other abstract/surreal acrylic paintings and drawings.

Rebecca Silus - Abstract urban landscapes. "It is not my intention to factually document scenes and buildings or to plot an exact history of an area. My intent is to work with the present and the past as an impression and to make reference to an area".

Kelly Moore - Expressive intuitive work referred to as "Outsider Art", "Art Brut" or "Visionary Art".

Se-Won "Swanny" Feldsott - Swanny uses acrylic to create abstract paintings "for the eye's delight"

Mukadder Kirmizi - Turkish artist portraying the clash between the realities of life and the innocence of naivete. Colourful art that includes a combination of abstract and concrete.

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Famous artists whose work has inspired me:

Vincent van Gogh

Henri Matisse

Edvard Munch

Mark Rothko - Famous American Abstract Expressionist artist.

Nicolas de Stael - Painter of the School of Paris; one of the most influential European artists of the post-war period. A master of lyrical colour who fluctuated between the non-representational and the figurative.

Richard Diebenkorn (1922 - 1933) -The works of this American painter follows in the Abstract Expressionist tradition.

Anselm Kiefer - Contemporary German neo-expressionist painter whose art comments on tragic aspects of German history, often through references to ancient mythology.


Famous Swedish artists:

August Strindberg (1849 - 1912) - Swedish writer and fine artist, whose innovative paintings pointed towards a more abstract art.

Carl Kylberg (1878 - 1952) - Swedish artist. One of the Gothenburg colourists known for their lyrical variety of expressionism.


Art resources and directories

Just-Art-e - Art directory with informative articles on various art forms - realism, surrealism, expressionism, abstraction...

All Art Schools - Students can use this free comprehensive database of U.S. art schools to search for everything from associate's to doctoral degrees in over 50 business-related concentrations, including painting, theatre, music and art history.

Soho Art Gallery - Sydney Australia - Contemporary fine art gallery located in Sydney, Australia. Soho Galleries features a diverse mix of talented emerging and established artists. Many media shown, services to private and corporate collectors.

Sonya Moran - This Australian sculptor works in Australian Chillagoe Marble, with limited edition reproductions in cold cast bronze, white metal and resin. The website also contains an extensive art directory.

Julio Mateo - Metaphysical paintings by Julio Mateo: Abstract, metaphysical painting, drawing and printmaking galleries based on sacred geometry, nature, and art's spiritual relationship to cosmic creation. Guest Artists, Links Directory.

Fine Arts Emporium - Art resource - art resource and search engine - Art magazine and directory

Palace Galleries - Fine Art - Specializing in Fine Art and Museum Quality Antiques Since 1970

The Art List - The Opportunities Newsletter for Visual Artists. Monthly e-mail newsletter listing hundreds of upcoming art contests, art competitions, and exhibition opportunities for artists and photographers.

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