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Eva Ryn Johannissen is a contemporary Swedish abstract artist based in Buckinghamshire, UK and Uppsala, Sweden. Please refer to the gallery pages to view examples of her non-representational abstract paintings.

Gallery 3 - Non-objective art - Paintings by Ryn
Gallery 1 -abstract artist Ryn
Gallery 2 - abstract oil painting by Ryn  

Other contemporary abstract artists:

Vincenzo Balsamo, Italian contemporary artist, fine art works gallery. Vincenzo Balsamo

Antonio Papasso, Italian contemporary artist, works gallery of  papiers froissés and prints from etchings Antonio Papasso

Timothy Rudd - Texas artist with a still-life style that melds cubism Timothy Rudd

Abstract art using a lot of strong lines and minimally modulated colors. Robert Terrell

Contemporary Abstract and Expressionist Paintings and Installation Art by Natasha Lukanovich, an artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Natasha Lukanovich

Monica Aaroz Monica Araoz - Abstract Contemporary Original Fine Art. Large abstract art by sale direct from artist's studio.

Christine Maudy French born Australian abstract artist Christine Maudy doesn't try to depict reality. She relies on colour, contrast and texture to convey her feelings and make things visible.

Harry Gruenert - What are people responding to in his paintings? "One word jumps into my mind: color," Gruenert says. "And then two other words: Expression and surface."

Tina Mammoser - Abstract marine paintings, plus landscapes of Scotland, Japan, and more!

Natasha Matveenkova - Contemporary artist based in Scottsdale, Arizona featuring landscape, abstract, floral and figurative paintings in oil, pastel, oil pastel, and colored pencil, both in small and large formats.

Pietro Calabrese - Italian artist producing "rust on canvas" paintings.

Megan Riley - Portraiture and pure abstract paintings with emphasis on impasto technique and emotive color combinations

Vladimir Gorbunov - Abstract art by Russian artist Vladimir Gorbunov are available on this site.

Martina Shapiro Expressionistic, original figurative oil paintings, including still life, figure and abstract nude by Canadian artist Martina Shapiro.

- Ernie Gerzabek - Abstract paintings inspired by nature and the unique landscapes of Australia: in particular wilderness areas, wetlands, deserts, seashores and the unspoilt countryside.

Contemporary Abstract Modern art by American Painter Taylor Anne Smith - Taylor Anne Smith's work is a modern adaptation of mid-20th century Abstract Expressionism. Her work incorporates elements of the fractal patterns found universally in nature with contrasts of geometric line and industrial material.

Robert Carbonell - born 1966, Barcelona. Contemporary abstract painting rich in color and texture. Artist exploring canvas, acrylic, mixed-media, collage and gestual painting.

Van Renselar - Abstract artist who is concerned more with form, composition and colour as an alternative to subject matter.

Anatoliy Tertychny - Contemporary Ukrainian abstract artist. Original oil paintings.

Erpen Studios - Father and son Tony and Nathan Pendlebury both work in a variety of media. Their artwork often deals with the human condition in an urban environment.

Gianfranco Maletti - the artist uses collage in the search for signs able to give back sensations inspired by the dream.

Abstract art by Ada Gabriel - "My interest is in creating art that connects the seen with the unseen, the unknown and the form that is called into being to express it. Beginning with that intention, I allow process to carry me. Birth, creation, change and metamorphosis seem to be my themes."

Dawn's Art Gallery - Abstract art work for sale, original oil and acrylic paintings, modern and contemporary by Dawn Lim.


Other Contemporary Artists

Tara Hutton - Reent artwork painted to capture the glamour and essence of the Art Deco Era

Dona Bryhiel - This artist is focused on the Caribbean and especially the role of Caribbean women, their beauty, their exotic flair and their role in daily life.

Paintings by Patrick Otis Cox

Michael Crawford - San Francisco photographer with a contemporary approach that emphasizes strong textures, rich colors and clean lines.

Fantasy Art: Paintings by Serge Letvy - landscapes, ruines, temples and mountains.

Kutchava Online Art Gallery - Paintings by Georgian artist Murman Kutchava.


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