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Abstract and other paintings on canvas, board and paper. Contemporary art by Swedish painter based in Norrtälje, Sweden


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Contemporary art in oil and other media

Most of my works are oil paintings, but for quick experimental work I also enjoy the free, floating, abstract qualities of thin washes of acrylics and watercolour. I also sometimes mix oil with encaustic.

Paintings on canvas

Today I use stretched canvas for most of my paintings. This flexible, yet strong support is particularly well suited for my particular painting technique.

Abstract art

My abstract work is seldom abstracted from anything specific in the material world, although they often contain references to landscape, townscape, and other memories from my experience. Above all, I use emotive colour, abstract shapes and surface texture to create visual metaphors for contemporary life.

Even if most of my abstract paintings are essentially non figurative and can probably best be classified as non-representational and sometimes even non-objective mindscapes, they also contain plenty of elements that balance just on the border between abstraction and representation.

Representational paintings

Lately my work has become increasingly representational - still life, landscape and sometimes portraits.

Expressionist paintings

As an expressionist artist I'm interested in expressing emotions and inner states of mind rather than describing my impressions of the material world.

Artists that inspire me

I am particularly interested in the works of a variety of expressionist artists, from Van Gogh and the Scandinavian artists Edvard Munch and August Strindberg to the completely abstract paintings of the American Abstract Expressionist artists Rothko and Richard Diebenkorn. I am also fascinated by the works of the German contemporary abstract expressionist artist (neo-expressionist) Anselm Kiefer, whose art rekindled my interest in the ancient Nordic mythology.


Over the years I haveI exhibited my paintings regularly, mainly in London, Stockholm, and elsewhere in England and Sweden, but also in a variety of other countries, especially in Europe, but also in the USA, China, South Korea and Israel. I am a member of Uppsala Konstnärsklubb (Uppsala Artist Association) and KRO (The Swedish Artists Association)..

Upcoming exhibition:

Gallery 1, Uppsala, March 17 - April 1 2018 (Still life and landscape).

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Eva Ryn Johannissen

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