Beginning and End 1, oil and encaustic on canvas

Contemporary abstract painting - abstract mindscapes with vigorous brushwork by expressionist artist Eva Ryn Johannissen.


Contemporary abstract painting - abstract mindscapes

In these abstract 'mindscapes' I tallk about the tragic beauty of natural reality in terms of non-representational imagery.The "Beginning and End" theme is one that I have been coming back to many times over the years. Like the series, 'Niflheim', another example of contemporary abstract painting that builds on the expressionist tradition, their theme was inspired by stories from the ancient Nordic mythology, in particular its vision of life on earth as a cycle of birth, destruction and rebirth. In today's world with our present environmental concerns and the very future of human existence being challenged, the issues that preoccupied our ancestors are more relevant than ever.

Expressionist artist

As a contemporary expressionist artist I am interested in what the timeless aspects of mythology can teach us about the human predicament through the ages and into our own day and age. Every period has its own concerns, but the fundamental concerns remain the same. The art of the 20th Century American abstract expressionist painters, for example, bears witness that man's spiritual needs do not disappear even in times dominated by materialism.

My paintings are totally abstract in the sense that they do not refer to anything specific in the mateirial world. However, since I base my abstract painting on my experience of contemporary life, my works are bound to contain a variety of reflections and refractions of physical reality, for the physical 'objective' world is part of the many kinds of influences that help shape the inner 'invisible' life.

This series was also to some extent influenced by the amazingly abstract painting of the Swedish expressionist artist August Strindberg (1849 -1912).




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Beginning and End 2,oil and encaustic on canvas
Beginning and End 3, encaustic on board
Beginning and End 4, oil and encaustic on canvas
Beginning and End 5, oil on board
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