Abstract art in oil, acrylic and mixed media collage by Eva Ryn Johannissen.

Examples of earlier work and paintings that have been sold previously.

To view Ryn's current abstract painting please refer to galleries 1- 6.


Oil paintings

Balancing Act 1
Blue 2  
Balancing Act 3   Blue 5   Blue Circle  
Scheherazade Blue   Odd Man Out   Red fragments 1  
My Father's House 1   My Father's House 2   Scheherazade 5  
Red Fragments 4   Three Ways Blue   Icecastle  

Acrylic and mixed media paintings

Equinox, acrylic   "Alpes Maritimes", acrylic and collage with encaustic   "Prelude", acrylic  
"The Heart of the Matter", acrylic and collage   "Blue twilight", acrylic and collage   "Red dawn", acrylic and collage  
"Siblings", acrylic and collage   "Southern Norro", acrylic   Autumn, acrylic  
Other examples of paintings that were sold previously:

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