Non-objective art - expressionist non-representational abstract painting by contemporary artist Eva Ryn Johannissen.

Ausgust 7, 33 x 24 cm
August 8, 33 x 24 cm
August 6, 33 x 24 cm

Non-objective art

During the last decade I have become increasingly interested in non-objective art. In my own case I explore the potential of abstract shapes, brush marks, colours, tones and texture to create expressionist visual poetry. To me the non-representational drama that arises when the painterly elements meet and interact on the canvas becomes a poetic stand-in for the contemporary human experience.

Contemporary abstract art

As a contemporary artist focusing on non-objective painting it is not my intention to create an abstraction of a physical subject. Personally I feel that the current predominant concentration on trying to make sense of the very restricted part of our existence that we call the physical world risks making us lose contact with very important parts of what constitutes a human being: emotions, intuition, contemplation, quiet reflection.

"Black Sun", triptych, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm
"Black Sun", abstract triptych by Ryn
"Black Sun", Triptych
"Black Sun", triptych, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

The meaning of my paintings is not to be found in whatever identifyable objects the viewer might 'see' in them. Instead of trying to pin down a particular subject from the physical world, I would like the viewer to let himself respond emotionally to the abstract shapes, expressionist colours, lines and textures as well as to the way these elements are combined and related to each other.

When looking at abstract art, especially non-objective art, the viewer must be prepared to leave the objective, material world and enter the world of the artwork.


Non-objective art: Artworks having no reognizable subject matter (not recognizable as such things as houses, trees, people, etc).

A more detailed definition of the term can be found here.

About time 2, oil painting  by Ryn
About time 3, oil on canvas, 40  x 40 cm
Abstract Paintings 3
Abstract Paintings 3

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